The artists Eventslisa employment agency offers a wide provision of benefits for your night life events. You are in charge of finding the solution to set the mood? Choose our artists go-go dancers / dancers, they move across Belgium, northern France and Luxembourg.

We provide you with the best artists in their field. You also have the opportunity to discover our bartenders jugglers, EVC our packages and our hostess / host steward sexy.

Our go-go dancers / dancers benefits:

EventsLisa offers dynamic and sexy staff for events of all kinds:

Gogo-dancers / dancers for all types of events. You have the ability to choose our artists for the event you want. Birthday in a private room, a club theme party, an event in a bar for every occasion please choose our go-go dancers / dancers to make your original and uniquely evening. We adapt the styling and makeup to the theme of your party.
Choose from over 160 artists. We offer you a wide range of female and male artists. So choose personally dancers / dancers that you want for your event. At the bottom, a small preview of the artists we work with regularly.
Coyote girls for bars. The go-go dancers may also offer delivery coyotes girls. With their sexy costume cowboy, young women dancing on the bar and serve cocktails and drinks directly into customers' mouths. An original show, sexy and artistic that will surprise your guests.
The advantages of EventsLisa for benefits gogo dancers / dancers:
To be sure of success your party and your guests will be pleasantly impressed we strive. Seek the services of EventsLisa to liven up your event is to benefit from many advantages:

Professionals: EventsLisa monitors quality with artists but also customers. Guests have a clear and accurate quote, monitoring of payment, a satisfaction survey after delivery, ...
Gogo-dancers / dancers trained in-house: all artists are trained in-house. They train up to two hours every day to offer unique shows, artistic and original.
Dancers / dancers and career artists all gogo dancers / dancers dance training. With a line of conduct and moral well-defined, you will receive high quality services, like nowhere else.
Book now your go-go dancers / dancers
To book the service of your choice, there's nothing simpler. After clicking on the 'book this provision', you will receive by return mail the artists available for this animation as well as a form to complete and return.

You can specify the date and the exact date of delivery, the desired artist and the exact place where the animation will take place. You can also specify whether a suit. Contact us to get more information. We will be happy to contact you as soon as possible.


Artists available for this performance

Toscane / gogo dancer girl coyote-Binche - Belgium

Professional dancer bookée all weekends in the most reputable clubs, Tuscany comes from Binche. A tall brunette perfect for all types of...

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Mackenzie / gogo dancer girl Coyote Brussels - Belgium

Mackenzie puts its professionalism at your disposal. We also offer you a huge selection of costumes for the artist to match your event theme. ...

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Harmonie will seduce you with its professional ... Sportive and dancer in the soul.   She can also prester as a coyote girl. Departu...

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Iris our blonde agency will ignite your evening. We also offer you a huge selection of costumes for the artist to match your event theme. De...

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Alex is our pro artist in the field of dance ... He will prove his talents to you during your evening.   He can also be a coyote boy. ...

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Björn / Stripper Liege - Belgium

1m90, 100kg, fire and ice, the subtle mix between the harsh winters of Scandinavia and the warmth of the Mediterranean summer. Let yourself be ...

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Illy / Striptease Mettet - Belgium

With more than 10 years of experience in the middle of the night, Illy will charm you with its glamorous and sexy side. His generous curves will l...

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So many new features at EventsLisa... Shanelle will enchant you with her dreamy body and curves to fall on the floor! Shanelle our very profess...

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ShShanna / Stripteaseuse Liège - Belgium

New artist shanna a new little sexy and sensual goddess. Many smiling and always ready talents have ignited your evening that you will not soon fo...

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Landry / stripper Antwerp - Belgique

Fall for Landry, new artist in the agency. As a dancer and stripper Landry will set the mood at your party! Cheerful and friendly, with hi...

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Laora is a real dancer with natural rhythm. She is trained in the art of dance since a very young age. By grow...

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John - Gogo Dancer

New artist in our agency but expert in the art of dance, John offers you his skills and assets. A true artist, John guarantees you an incr...

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Assia Stripper - Fleurus /Belgium-France

Oriental charm, Assia will spice up your evenings and make you have an unforgettable moment! Dancer for 10 years , at ease in all circumstan...

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