EventsLisa is a talent agency from Namur which offers various services to animate events throughout Belgium, northern France and Luxembourg. From sexy strippers shows to live saxophone or even close up magicians, you have the choice, to make your events unique with artistic, sexy and original shows. 

We provide you with the best artists in their field. You also have the opportunity to discover our juggler bartenders, our bachelor party packages and our sexy hostesses/stewards.

The benefits of a small-sized comedian?

Let the strange and original entertain your event with these small-sized comedians. At Eventslisa, we strive to make your event successful. How is it done?

  • Our artists offer various roles: . You can choose different types of shows. We provide you with dwarves or small-sized actors to fit any role you want: they can receive your guests, take pictures and entertain your guests. But our comedians also manage to offer a full performance! Let it be on stage or with an ambulatory, they will imitate famous actors and famous music bands. Thus, you will have the opportunity to see the 'Men In Black', the band 'Kiss' or the group 'LMFAO'. All in a "mini" version. You will be assured that your guests will be pleasantly surprised and absolutely not disappointed.
  • Adaptable outfits. Obviously, our artists will not be wandering in bikinis in the crowd! But they will suit your needs as well as they can, by wearing a three-piece suit or by dressing up. We can, as soon as we confirme your reservation, organize a meeting with the artistic director to agree on a well-fitted costume for your event. 
  • The duration of the shows. Our comedians will fit your requests and perform as long as you want them to. It is in the form of passage 15, 30 or 45 minutes that our artists will do what you ask them. The duration of the performances can vary, but they are from 15 to 45 minutes by each show. You want a 45 minutes show and a 15 minutes show? You can. Our artists will do what you ask them.

Why choose Eventslisa for small-sized comedians performances? 

Ordering a show through Eventslisa is assuring yourself to get the best performance without ever being disappointed!

  • Our artists know what they do: Our Company Policy is to show the customers what we would like to see ourselves. We set up castings on a regular basis to meet new artists, so you will never be disappointed. The 160 artists currently in our agency are all, without exception, professionals who have been working in their respective fields for several years.
  • Our team Eventslisa as well: the benefit of booking through an agency is that you will never be stood up on the day of your event (difficult to avoid when booking on the internet). After your sending your application, we will answer you with a detailed estimation containing the prices and technical explanations. After booking, we assure you a tracking of your event (a direct dial telephone available 24/7 is in place if there is any problem) and after that, we will send you a form to complete in order to improve the quality of our services (if necessary) or simply for you to give us a feedback of your event.
  • Your image through us: All of our artists, without exception are aware of the procedure to follow during your event. Our artists are the reflection of our agency, but also, and above all, the reflection of YOUR event, which is an aspect we simply cannot neglect.

Book now your small-sized comedians at Eventslisa's!

To book our artists, please contact us through our CONTACT page. You will have an answer by MAIL 2 business hours later (only Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5pm) with all the explanations, photos of available artists and their price including traveling costs.

We also have a hotline for emergencies (we define "emergency" for reservations on the day of the event and for the current weekend - that is, from Friday to Monday 4pm to 10am). Call us at +32 (0) 495/161 969, we will certainly be able to help you!


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