DRAG QUEEN // gogo // half man half woman

EventsLisa, an agency specializing in the placement of artists in Belgium and Luxembourg; full of creative services for all your evenings. The welcome of your guests with our dwarf through our gogo dancers to your bartender juggler, you'll understand EventsLisa can provide maximum benefits as creative as each other.

Among all our services, you can find amazing drag queen. Many people confuse transvestites, and transformists Drag Queen ... Here we give you some explanation about this extravagant performance.


What is a DRAG QUEEN?

Our Drag Queen always the art of setting fire to your evenings with their eccentric and spectacular costumes ... These characters straight out of various fashion universe know how to make an extraordinary event. We consider drag queens as performance artists, creatures from another world.

- What do they actually do? Their role is to wander among the crowd, take pictures, shoot and distribute goodies. Their performance is in the form of 2 or 3 passes of 20 to 30 minutes (depending on your application).
The drag queens may be accompanied by dancers to create a custom dance act.

- Outfits and designed and adapted to your evening makeup. Indeed, our DRAG QUEEN performers know how important it is to amaze, surprise and bring LA extra touch to your event. DRAG QUEEN are the real fashionnistas.

- Do not confuse with other transformists artists. Many of our customers call transformist or transvestites. Attention amalgam with our drag queen creatures is rather easy but is far from correct. These are completely different benefits of our artists presented here. The transvestite is simply a person who dresses (which wants to make its appearance) to the opposite sex. The quick-change artist who is a performer (not necessarily homosexual) and will play as a female character on stage (in singer, imitation ...). The drag queen is not necessarily a homosexual but a complete artist ... it is not necessarily in the idea of ​​becoming a woman or a known person but rather in order to surprise with androgyny very thorough.



The assurance of a benefit properly executed. By placing an order with us, we do not ask you a lot of things like the theme you want, the colors of your event, delivering the durations of our drag queen ... All these information will be included in your order form and booking / artist contract. So the big day, you will every 2 proof of delivery to make. No possible errors!

The best Belgian artists. Our artistic director has been proven over 11 years in the industry, we are known for our high-quality recruitment. Each artist an audition in our office. We also focus on work in our country, no social dupping in EventsLisa.

A service at your service and online 24H / 24. EventsLisa it is also safe. We reassure our artists and our customers by answering your calls 7d / 7 and 24h / 24.


You need information about what to do, what to order if a drag queen is appropriate for your customers? We answer present. Call us whenever you want at +32 (0) 495 / 161,969.

No time to call or just want to contact us by e-mail? RDV on the contact page by filling out our online quote request, you will have a REPLY BY MAIL in working 2H (Monday to Friday from 9 am to 15H) with all the explanations, photos of available artists and their price movements included.