Eventslisa offers air quality prestations and contributes to enhancing the image of many evenings.

Suspended from two long veils of fabric, body gestures reveal original with strength, flexibility and agility.

They are hiding, emerge, dressed, to lay bare.

A moment of happiness full of dreams, grace and poetry.

Depending on the event, the number of artists, the choice of music, the costumes, the color of fabrics may vary.

Other company members can join them in duo or trio.

Technical requirements:
- The venue of the benefit will be equipped with a beam, a ring or another with a load capacity of 600 Kg per tissue.
- The ideal height of the hook point is between 8 and 10 meters, the minimum height is 6 meters.


You need an advice, you have a question, call us +32(0)494/161 969 or by the contact page.


Artists available for this performance