EventsLisa is a talent agency Namur (Belgium), which has a wide range of artists performing fiery performances throughout Wallonia, Brussels-Capital, northern France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Among the people that show EventsLisa hires, discover bartenders jugglers specialists flair bartending.

The flair bartending ("bar juggling"): definition and brief history

The flair bartending, known in French as "bar juggling" is a discipline of juggling bottles, glasses and shakers to make cocktails acrobatic and artistic way. This art requires a high degree of technicality if there are schools offering of flair bartending courses.

The story goes that the bar juggling was born in the United States during the second half of the 19th century. That said, the discipline has been booming after the release of the American film Cocktail in which Tom Cruise takes on the role of a bartender dreaming of conquering Wall Street.

Advantages of our service bartenders jugglers

Our services flair bartenders have many qualities:

Services performed by the European champions of the discipline: the two bartenders jugglers are champions of flair bartending Europe, that's how the quality of services is at its peak;
Guaranteed bewildering spectacle technical prowess of our jugglers are breathtaking, your guests will remain speechless;
An all-inclusive formula with our "all inclusive" solution, we take care to provide the necessary equipment and the essential labor to the success of your event;
Tailor-made: we adjust our service to the number of guests, the number of drinks you want to serve them, to the theme of your party and your taste in terms of cocktails.
If you want to have a glimpse of the stage performances of our talented bartenders jugglers, discover this video excerpt from a bartender juggler-representation.

Classic bartender and bartender juggler: no amalgam

You'd think a classic bartender can improvise bartender juggler. There is nothing. If there are schools and championships in flair bartending is that discipline is not accessible to all, and requires skill. It just so this is not to run two bottles of vodka between his fingers. No, bar juggling is a discipline exploited in achieving top-flight professional shows. Technique, discipline, rigor, daily training and mastery are therefore required to ensure flair bartending show.

Also, remember that the first bartender function is to serve its customers with drinks and as the juggler is to provide entertainment to the public.

All-inclusive nights for private and public holidays

Our all-inclusive is the solution for a successful event. We provide on-site mobile bar (2.5 mx 0.9 m) with LED lighting, sometimes rare quality spirits market, ice, straws, juices, fresh fruit and glassware if necessary. As for our staff, it is proportional to the number of your participants.

You obviously have the choice to refuse this solution "all inclusive", but it will then be issued a long technical sheet detailing all the requirements that we ask for the success of the show: the dimensions of the bar, dimensions of glasses, ingredients needed making cocktails, etc.

The formula "all inclusive" includes three hour show during which our flair bartenders juggle bottles, shakers and glasses, perform breathtaking choreography but also fire-eaters in Belgium and France, and fire jugglers artists.

Our all-inclusive solution for individuals (birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, etc.), event organizers (Ladies Nights, Saturday Nights ...), professionals HORECA, etc ...


Do not hesitate, call without delay EventsLisa, your partner of choice for unusual artistic performances in Wallonia, Brussels, northern France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The team is available Monday to Friday (10h to 17h). Within 2 hours (working days), you get an answer that will contain all relevant conditions (artists photos, availability, rates, ...)

For urgent delivery, prefer the telephone channel: +32 (0) 495 / 16.19.69 We will do everything possible to comply with your request to the extent of the possibilities.