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EventsLisa is a talent agency from Namur that offers a wide range of sexy, exalting and entertaining activities and animations for private and public events. We have a long and diversified list of performances available: Unique Chippendale shows in Belgium, shows of juggling bartenders also European champion in flair bartending or sexy strippers performances. They do not only limit themselves to their expertise in sensual and erotic shows. They also share their technical knowledge through pole dance classes.

Pole dance class

You can choose to take just a pole dance lesson or you can pair it with a stripping class!

They are held as such:

  • The theoretical part;
  • The maintenance and proper process;
  • The acrobatic tricks;
  • The little tips;
  • The grand final

Our lessons in pole dancing and stripping include:

  • The theoretical part;
  • The maintenance and proper process;
  • The acrobatic tricks;
  • The main phases of a striptease;
  • Tips for removing gloves, stockings, garter belts and other suggestively;
  • The grand final.


The duration of the pole dance lessons varies between one hour and a half and two hours. They are held at the client's home to make you feel at ease. However, if this solution is not possible, we will provide you a room. Our classes are ONLY aimed at groups for private events.

Finally, so all the participants feel comfortable during the lesson, we will give you the dress-code details so that no naked girls find themselves facing the rest of the girls (you, but the teacher as well). Feel free to gift this class to your girlfriend or wife for a birthday, a bachelorette party or any other occasion.

Pole dance lessons only for women

Our Pole dance Lessons are given only by women and for women. As part of a girl's bachelorette party, a birthday, for a divorce party or just because you want to learn how to seduce (for you or your loved one). All opportunities are good to learn the art of pole dance in lightness, joy and good humor.

Looking for more information about our pole dance classes given anywhere in Belgium?

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