Electric violinist

Pic began playing the violin at the age of 23. After discovering Micah The Violonist in 2006, he bought his first electric violin and went to enroll at the academy.

At the time he played 5 to 6 hours a day, and improved very quickly. After only 6 months of academy, he left to play in an orchestra at the Binche theatre. 6 months later he passed his exams at 100% and came out more than proud.

The following year, he was forced to stop classes with new working hours. He continues to play, learn on his own and improvise on any style of music with an exceptional musical ear.

3 years later, he went to play in different clubs to try his hand at the stage, and discovered a passion for it. Then he goes to play at the "Centre Fm", then at "Fun Radio" with whom he will participate in several Party Fun Live.

Then he will travel through Belgium, as well as part of France. To share his passion in clubs and various events. After having played in front of thousands of people, Pico now dreams of only one thing; to travel the world by hand with a violin!

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