EventsLisa, a well-known artist placement agency in Belgium for more than 10 years; offers a multitude of professional artistic services. Whether for a private party or for a club, our team and our artists adapt to your events.

An agency specialized in hypnosis in Belgium? You're at the right address! You want great show, novelty? Eventslisa is the only agency to provide you with all the best experts in this type of service (France, Luxembourg and Belgium combined).

What are the possibilities with our artist?
- For a live show:

Several hypnosis comedy shows are therefore available on topics such as Halloween, Valentine's Day, New Year, Christmas, Bachelor Party, etc. I have nevertheless two general shows full of adventures of varied style or I take them from "koh lanta" to "dance with the stars" passing by "walking dead" and "the cruising s'amuse" ...

- For sexy soft parties:

It offers the formula "orgasm under hypnosis" where it provides real moments of pleasure to the volunteers as well as the possibility to change sex during an evening or to realize certain fantasies. All under hypnosis of course, but with real sensations and real memories too.

- For premieres of cinemas

The volunteers will find themselves in the same conditions of the heroes of the film that they will see.

- For any type of time building:

He proposes to include in the game of spells! Imagine an "escape game" or when a trumpet sounds, some people will become 5-year-old children again or fall in love with the first person they meet until the trumpet sounds again ... The possibilities are without limit: it is up to you to choose the spells and I will put them up until the end of game.


Your benefits to hire the services of our hypnosis artist?

- Services in order on Purchase order and invoiced. (insured, declared to the Onss)

- Professional artists, the guarantee of a perfect show.


Order our artist in Belgium?

By phone +32 (0) 495 / 161.969 we can advise you on the artist or group of artists to choose from but do not hesitate to use our online quote form. You will get an answer within 2 hours with all the explanations, photos of the artists available and their price including trips.


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