During burlesque dance

Agency based in Belgium, famous for its striptease and sexy stripping services, EventsLisa full of creative ideas and artists of all kinds to animate your evenings. Classes pole dance through courses or oriental dance courses twerk, EventsLisa can meet maximum demands in terms of artistic investment.

The burlesque dance, burlesque shows and sung during home stripping are also part of our fields of action.

We propose that when we speak of burlesque dance classes in Belgium?

- What's this? The burlesque dance class is different from the course of burlesque striptease. Increasingly popular, the show was developed by the American pin-up 1920s The concept of the game is paramount. On the wave of retro vintage in vogue in recent years, the Burlesque has become an art in itself, with its codes, its way of life, his humor, his extravagance, ... the program: jazz music, strippers and rustling spangled, red lips and eyes felines.

- Delivery time? Our Candy dance teacher offers burlesque dance classes lasting 1:30.
- If undress they? The dancers and singers are primarily burlesque strippers and therefore their show is composed of undressing. Some go to the lingerie and other up Nippies (topless hidden by rhinestones pellets). But Candy adapts to students, no one ever will be embarrassed!


Why go through an agency and not directly with burlesque artists?

- Appropriate technical specifications. By hiring the services of our burlesque dance classes you will be faced technical preparations because Candy needs your outfit is suitable. Here, no surprises, we will prepare an appropriate plug to the number of guests so that everything is perfect.

- A Secretariat at your service 24H / 24. Our team of professionals are at your service and your service 24 hours / 24 and 7/7. In emergencies or problems on site, a person is entitled to guide you.

- Courses adapted and additional teachers. Want 2 teachers because you are over 12 participants? No Problem EventsLisa will ensure you find artists to suit your application.


Order burlesque dance class?

You do not know where to start to take information on the burlesque dance class? What artist choose, how long, what theme? CALL us at +32 (0) 495 / 161,969 and be in direct contact with one of the artists responsible. We know perfectly all our artists and the courses they offer and we can describe anything online they offer.

By email? You will have an answer within working 2H (Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.) with all the explanations, photos of available artists and their price movements included.