Belly dance classes

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belly dance classes
Our belly dance classes are structured as follows:

The theoretical part;
Maintaining and adequate approach;
The main phases of an Oriental dance;
The different steps;
Small professional tips;
The final.
DURATION courses:

Group => Note that the duration of our courses varies from 1h30 to 2h.

Particularly => Time 1H.


They are delivered to the client's home. However, if this option is not feasible, it is then for the person requesting our service rent a private room for the smooth running of the course.

Belly dance lessons at the exclusive attention of a private female audience

Our belly dance classes are only open to women who want to learn this dance or simply those wishing to spend some quality time between girls. Our lessons are given exclusively by professional dancers.

Learning oriental dance OUR RATES:

Belly dance lessons are given individually or collectively.

- A € 225 off trips for groups. Beyond twelve people, the expertise of a professional second is required and the course of the amount is therefore seen increased (according to package price possible car-sharing and mileage charges).

- From 125 € excluding travel for individual courses. (1 person)


A belly dance classes to animate your girly event

The belly dance classes are a perfect idea to animate your events among girls. Birthdays, divorce parties, bachelorette funerals All opportunities are good to learn oriental art in lightness, joy and good humor.

Want more information on our oriental dance courses throughout Belgium?

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