Sexy Bunnies

EventsLisa Namur is a talent agency that offers various artistic animations of quality and sexy for your private or corporate events. Located in Naninne, the agency involves artists and dancers / professional dancers across region of Namur, Hainaut, Liege, Brussels and throughout Belgium.

If strippers benefits or the shows of fire-breathing or Chippendales shows are very busy with the agency, other benefits are also provided. Such as the barman juggler-show (Flair Bartending) or delivery Sexy Bunnies for your business events.

EventsLisa proposes placing Sexy Bunnies, these sexy hostesses can accommodate your guests, customers or guests at a special event. Sex appeal, attractive physical forms, spicy and sensual flirtatious behavior, our sexy-bunnys have everything to please you!

Grid girls, Sexy Bunnies and coyote girls: an overview of available services

Besides the traditional services of hostesses and stewards, EventsLisa also offers dynamic and sexy staff for your events:

Grid Girls for the auto events. The grid girls are sexy hostesses that are found in automobile rallies. The young women then carry small outfits or sexy slinky combinations. The grit girls are in charge of welcoming the racers or VIP guests, pose for sexy pictures with the cars to start the race start or to host a gathering of tuning for example.
Of Sexy Bunnies for hosting customers nightclub or in clubs. Often, in order to round the world, clubs and nightclubs appeal to the sexy hostesses to greet clubbers, arrange a sexy photo booth in the nightclub, etc. For this type of service, hostesses can also get up and offer a topless show.
Coyotes girls for bars. The sexy hostesses may also provide a benefit coyotes girls. With their sexy costume cowboy, young women dancing on the bar and serve cocktails and drinks directly into customers' mouths. An original show, sexy and artistic that will surprise your customers!
VIP sexy hostesses are also available for events. These young women taller than 1.70m and speak several languages. The Hostess EventsLisa have well covered the various races of Spa Francorchamps, the VW FunCup spa, shopping events at Media Markt or even tuning gatherings. It is a wide range of benefits that can be achieved by young women.

The advantages of EventsLisa for delivering Sexy Bunnies

Flight attendants represent the image of your business, the nightclub or event you are organizing. Therefore, it is important to have the Sexy Bunnies professional, pretty and smiling. You will therefore be possible to engage one or more young women. Here are the strengths of artistic agency in the field:

Customization of outfits worn by the hostesses. Recently, the store Lovely Sins provided us pretty costumes Sexy Bunnies. We make a point of honor to bring this store before. Professionals who know what they are talking!
A large staff to meet all requests. Thanks to the large number of collaborators, you will be able to select the Sexy Bunnies you want to hire for your event. Whether your event is the magnitude of a festival or an intimate private party, EVENTLISA can provide you with the number of artists you need!
A full briefing on the tasks. Several days before the show or event, a briefing was conducted by the agency with Sexy Bunnies. According to your recommendations and instructions, each task shall be clearly defined and explained to the hostesses. It will be possible to achieve this briefing yourself within the agency.
Want to book the delivery Hostess Sexy Bunnies? Contact us!

To book the sexy hostess service and naughty Sexy Bunnies at your event, just contact EventsLisa. You will receive a return email with young women available as well as information about the desired outfits. Our team remains available to advise you and guide you in your choice of charming hostesses.