Body Sushi/Dessert/Sweet

Eventslisa Namur is a talent agency that offers a variety of services for your private events, night-life or business throughout Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France. Among the 160 artists represented in our agency, we offer danceuses galore, drag queen or the Coyotes Boys / girls!
Eventslisa your agency offers you a unique service of its kind offered by professionals. This is an opportunity to amaze your guests! They remain speechless. The Nyotaimori / Nantaimori is a marvel to behold.

What is Nyotaimori / Nantaimori? This is a concept that involves eating sashimi or sushi presented on the body of a naked woman.

Nyotaimori / NANTAIMORI PROPOSED BY EventsLisa

We have the principle of providing quality show to our customers. Discover the benefits for a benefit Nyotaimori / Nantaimori:

You choose the artist. At Eventslisa, you are free to manage your event from A to Z. We rely on the fact that you are the only master of your event, so that you are 100% satisfied. Thus, you have the option to choose the artist. You can even contact us if you prefer a woman or a man.
You choose the place. Whether you offer this service at a private or public or unusual event, you will have the option of placing the artist at any location.
You model your event. To complete your event to match your theme or just in eyeful to your guests, you have the option to request other complementary artists (dancers, stilt walkers, body painting), sound equipment, a deejay and a manager on site.

Thanks to Eventslisa, your idea and our professionalism, your guests will not soon forget the time spent with you. Using the services of Eventslisa is enjoy many benefits:

At your service 7/7: our hotline is accessible 24/24 so that in all cases (even extreme emergency) you find your happiness. We will reply with the details possible.
Performing professionally: All artists practicing this discipline are known and recognized artists. Talented at will, they mastered their art like nobody else in Belgium. Our artists will remain static throughout the service.
A quality show: Before becoming a living platter, the artist is trained to stay perfectly still for hours. It must also be capable of withstanding prolonged exposure to cold food. His body will be shaved. Before the service, the person will bathe and soap with a special soap without perfume and then pour cold water to lower the temperature of the skin.
To book our artists, please contact us using our CONTACT page. You will have an answer by MAIL working in 2H (from Monday to Friday from 9am to 17H) with all the explanations, photos of available artists and their travel costs included.

We also place a phone line for emergency cases (we define "emergency" means a booking for the same day and for the weekend underway - that is, from Friday to Monday 16H 10H). Call us at +32 (0) 495/161 969, we can certainly help you!