During Twerk

EventsLisa Namur is a talent agency that offers plenty of sexy animations, exciting and entertaining for your private and public events. The list of services available in our agency is long: Chippendales unique services in Belgium, fire eaters or sexy strippers benefits. With all these outstanding facilities, you are sure to be pleased with us!

During Twerk
Twerk of our courses can be given alone but accompanied by a pole dance class, they are held as follows:

Twerk DANCE: warming up, stretching and choreography.
Twerk TONING: learn the techniques of Twerk, burn calories and tone up his body.
TWERKSHOP: Twerk a workshop where you learn this dance in all its forms!

Our pole dance lessons and Twerk:

The theoretical part;
Maintaining and adequate approach;
The acrobatics;
The main phases of a stripping;
Advice for removing gloves, stockings, garter belts and other suggestively;
The final.
The duration of our course Twerk varies between 1:30 ET 2:00. These are held at the client's home to make you feel at ease. However, if this solution is not possible, we offer a room at your disposal. Our courses are designed ONLY to groups for private events. A room is also available at Dinant, Rocourt.

Finally, for all participants feel comfortable on this course, we will give the dress details so that no naked girls find themselves facing the rest of the girls (you as the teacher). Do not hesitate to offer this course to your girlfriend or wife for a birthday, a bachelor party girl or other occasion.

Twerk lessons only for women

Our course Twerk are given solely by women and for women. As part of a girl's bachelor party, a birthday, for a divorce party or simply because you want to learn how to seduce (for you or your mate). All opportunities are good to learn the art of Twerk in lightness, joy and good humor.

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