Striptease and burlesque striptease in Belgium

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The panty-burning class season is starting again. You can now book our courses, either at home or in our new room in Wépion.

Classical strip-tease or burlesque stripping classes in Belgium.

Our leaf removal courses are available in two variants: the classic strip-tease at 5000 Namur on the one hand and the burlesque leaf removal on the other. It is up to the client to choose whether she wants to give her undress a contemporary touch or to transcribe through her performance the aesthetic codes of yesteryear.

Our classical strip-tease courses in Belgium are structured as follows:

The theoretical part;
Maintenance and proper approach;
The main phases of leaf removal;
Striptease figures;
The little tricks of professional strippers;
The finale.
Our lessons of burlesque leaf removal in Belgium are as follows:

The theoretical part;
Maintenance and proper approach;
The choice of corset/tightener-waist and fittings;
The main phases of burlesque leaf removal;
Tips for removing gloves, stockings, and other garter belts in a suggestive way;
The finale
Please note that to avoid any discomfort for our clients, nudity is completely prohibited during our lessons. Our teachers and their students wear a pair of leggings and a bikini top under their clothes. When preparing the estimate, a sheet will mention all the material that the students must have for the lesson.

Undressing lessons for the exclusive attention of a private female audience in Belgium.

How to book?

It is very simple our team will answer all your questions as soon as possible with a complete quote and all the information you need.

OPEN 8:30 am to 11 pm every day.


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