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We must not introduce our artist "stiltwalker" Jim Led is well known to our customers for its bright shows. Whether tonight in a white or multicolored Led costume, it will brighten your private or professional evening.

Our artist also offers a mirror costume that will undoubtedly rage like the different costumes he already offers.

How is his performance?

3x 30 min for the leds costumes or

3 x 45 min for costumes without leds.

Technical detail:
- 3m25 minimum height,
- locked boxes,
- in the lodge, a table with a stable chair by wader,
- no steps to go down between the lodge and the service,
- the wader in a safe place for him (slippery floor, bad weather, dangerous crowd),
- for LED costumes, an outlet is essential to recharge the batteries between different passages.


Choose 3 passages of maximum 30 minutes to choose among these services =>
- 1 passage in luminous unicycle with juggling LED discs (see picture below)
- 1 passage wader white led
- 1 passage wading classic reception (holding Louis 15 - see photo below)
- 1 passage Echassier led color with bolas led and your logo.


How to order our artist? Go through our CONTACT page and complete the form. Within 2 hours during office hours, we will send you an accurate and detailed estimate of complete information and prices, including travel. Also, do not forget that we are reachable from 8:30 am to 11 pm and 7 days a week for all requests for information or orders.