Our little comedienne BY Paris ...

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We have the chance to work with Sonia our small comedian who lives in Paris and offers us several benefits that could impress more than one!

First of all, Sonia offers us different costumes for your events, whether you are organizing an anniversary or a company party, she offers you the wildest scenarios ;-)

- Wander witch with its crystal ball (white, red or green).

- Juggling with scarves, (with balls, fluids is easier).

- Walk around in a zombie.

- Stroll in rollerblading by distributing goodies.

- Make the false vigil.

You'll understand Sonia has more than one trick in her bag and is ready to play more and more roles! His motivation as an artist is exceptional and you will make your evenings a crazy night.
How to book our artist "SONIA"? Go through our CONTACT page, complete the form and indicate the date and place of your event. We will send you the necessary information for booking. We are also available for our beloved customers by phone from 8:30 to 23:00 at 0495/161969! Do not forget our artist comes from PARIS so dear Parisian customers do not hesitate to contact us for your evenings or other organizations.
The Eventslisa team.