Our artist

We must not introduce our artist "stiltwalker" Jim Led is well known to our customers for its bright shows. Whether tonight in a white or multicolored Led costume, it will brighten your private or professional evening.

Our artist also offers a mirror costume that will undoubtedly rage like the different costumes he already offers.

How is his performance?

3x 30 min for the leds costumes or

3 x 45 min for costumes without leds.

Technical detail:
- 3m25 minimum height,
- locked boxes,
- in the lodge, a table with a stable chair by wader,
- no steps to go down between the lod...

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Fire Spitter 5000 Namur

If you are looking to liven up your event in 5000 Namur with a flamboyant performance, Eventslisa, an art agency in 5000 Namur specializing in the placement of fire-breathing at 5000 Namur, all over Belgium, in the north of France and in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has everything you need!
You organize an evening, a garden party, an event with friends or a festival but do not know how to make it even more unforgettable? Eventslisa has the solution for you! On 5000 Namur, you will find several pyrotechnicians, fire eaters and fire jugglers!
You will not necessarily need very large technical means and moreover, pyrotechnicians...

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Our little comedienne BY Paris ...

We have the chance to work with Sonia our small comedian who lives in Paris and offers us several benefits that could impress more than one!

First of all, Sonia offers us different costumes for your events, whether you are organizing an anniversary or a company party, she offers you the wildest scenarios ;-)

- Wander witch with its crystal ball (white, red or green).

- Juggling with scarves, (with balls, fluids is easier).

- Walk around in a zombie.

- Stroll in rollerblading by distributing goodies.

- Make the false vigil.

You'll understand Sonia has more than one trick in her bag ...

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Nos stripteaseurs 1000 Bruxelles

Notre agence artistique, Eventslisa, spécialisée dans les artistes sexy se trouve dans la région de Namur. Nous plaçons des prestations d'artistes sexy depuis 11 ans. Vous pouvez y trouver des services de danseurs mais également des barmans jongleurs ou encore des danseuses brésiliennes, tout ça à 1000 Bruxelles.
Parmi tous nos services artistiques, vous pouvez également trouver nos Stripteaseurs 1000 Bruxelles pour un anniversaire ou un enterrement de vie de célibataire.
Ce qu'Eventslisa vous proposez avec nos Stripteaseurs 1000 Bruxelles?

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Girls?! your friend is getting married? think of an original idea.

For several years, Eventslisa excels in the art of stripping. Our professional teachers teach you to undress elegantly and positively for your own pleasure or that of your partner. But exactly, how is it going?

We teach you to remove:

Your clothes: skirt and blouse,

Your underwear: as modest as you are, a woman is always beautiful in a beautiful lace set,

Your accessories: hat, tie, boa, a whole program to make you a real pro.

Also, you will have the opportunity to learn some figures specific to striptease.

With us, there is never any vulgarity. Only sexy and suggestive!

Little mor...

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Our little comedian 6000 Charleroi

EventsLisa is a Namur art agency, which offers various services to animate an event on all Belgium, in the north of France as well as in Luxembourg. From the sexy show of strippers or strippers to live saxophonists and magicians close up, you have a wide choice of artistic, sexy and original animations for your events.
What is a dwarf? What is he doing? Does he move to 6,000 Charleroi?
For your events at 6000 Charleroi, give way to the strange and the original with these actors of small sizes. At Eventslisa, we make every effort to make your event a success. How do you do it?
• The different roles proposed by our art...

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We wish you a wonderful year :-)

All occasions are good for partying! Indeed, Eventslisa puts at your disposal more than 200 artists for any type of event. As well private (wedding, birthday, bachelor party, retirement, etc ...) than public (company party, launch of new products, inauguration, clubbing, etc ...), we have the solution for more than 13 years!

It is well known, we are leader in the organization of bachelor parties. Today I want to highlight brides and their girlfriends. Indeed, we place strippers but also we organize courses of pole dance, twerk and striptease. Concerning the courses of stripping, here is the information necessary for the good pro...

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We are soon :-) Remember to book our artists to pass the CAP!

Eventslisa is an event and art agency based in Belgium (Namur). She takes care of placing artists in nightlife events, corporate events or private events such as birthdays or stag / hen parties. Among all the services that Eventslisa offers, we offer dancers, saxophonists or fire-eaters. You have the choice between more than 200 artists.

To pass the cape of the new year our artists fold in 4 to make you spend an evening of madness. The costumes are adapted to your theme, our schedules are obviously adapted to your desires.

You will understand that we make every effort to satisfy your requests and so be able to enjoy your...

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Ephemeral tatoo stand 6000 Charleroi

EventsLisa, an art agency located on the heights of Namur, has a wide selection of artists and original animations to suit any event at 6000 Charleroi. From the sexy hostesses to the entertainment for stag nights or the juggling barman, the agency can meet all your event planning needs at 6000 Charleroi.
Are you looking for a special service for your night-life party, your corporate event or for a private occasion at 6000 Charleroi? Do not hesitate and order our ephemeral tattoo stand.
The services offered by EventsLisa for an ephemeral tattoo stand at 6000 Charleroi
It is well known, the tattoo enters more and more in th...

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Do not miss this Thursday 13/12 at the bar Far West

Need animation version coyotes girl's in your establishment? And yes Thursday our artists will be in the center of Liège at "FAR-WEST" rock'n roll bar. The girls will fire the whole room, without going directly into the striptease? You're at the right address! At EventsLisa, we are the leader in terms of sales in sexy services. You probably ask yourself the question: why? Because we have been for 11 years the No.1 artist placement agency of all kinds and we respond present at any time of day and night with sound advice.

What is a service of coyotes girls.

Beautiful girls dancing on the bar or on stage in the form ...

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