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You may call it 1000 Brussels striptease class or 1000 Brussels stripping lesson or 1000 Brussels burlesque striptease class, no matter, at EventsLisa you can find:

- classic striptease classes in 1000 Brussels

- stripping classes in 1000 Brussels

- Twerk classes in 1000 Brussels

- burlesque stripping classes in 1000 Brussels

- Pole dance classes in 1000 Brussels


Classical striptease class or burlesque stripping class in 1000 Brussels

Our stripping classes are available in two variants: the classic striptease at 1000 Brussels on the one hand and the burlesque stripping on the other hand. It is up to the client to choose if she wants to give her undressing a contemporary touch or to transcribe through her performance the aesthetic codes of yesteryear.

Our classic striptease classes in 1000 Brussels are structured as follows:

The theoretical part;

Maintaining and proper gait;

The main phases of a leaf stripping;

Striptease figures;

The little tips of professional strippers;

The final.

Our burlesque stripping lessons at 1000 Brussels are as follows:

The theoretical part;

Maintaining and proper gait;

The choice of corset / tightening and fitting;

The main phases of burlesque stripping;

Tips for removing gloves, stockings, and other garter belts suggestively;

The final.

Note that the duration of our classes at 1000 Brussels oscillates between 1h30 and 2h. They are delivered at the home in 1000 Brussels of the client. However, if this option is not possible, it is then up to the person requesting our service to rent a private room for the proper course.

Know also that to avoid our customers are uncomfortable, nudity is quite proscribed in our lessons. Our teachers wear a pair of leggings and a bikini top under their clothes. When drawing up the estimate, a card will mention all the material that students must have for the lesson.

Undressing lessons for the exclusive attention of a private female audience in 1000 Brussels

Our burlesque striptease and striptease classes in 1000 Brussels are open only to women wishing to learn to seduce, to be desired or simply to those who wish to have a good time between girls. Our lessons are given exclusively by professional strippers.

Learning the art of stripping in 1000 Brussels individually or collectively

The 1000 Brussels striptease lessons are delivered individually or collectively. Be aware however that whatever option you choose, the price is the same whether the course is given to a single client or twelve (€ 225 / course). Beyond twelve people, the expertise of a second professional stripper is required and the amount of the course is therefore increased (package price according to possible carpools and mileage charges).

A striptease class in 1000 Brussels to animate your girly event

The 1000 Brussels stripping lessons are a perfect idea to animate your girls' events. Birthdays, divorce parties, panties burning: all occasions are good to learn the art of undressing and strip in lightness, joy and good mood.

Would you like more information on our stripping classes given everywhere in Belgium and 1000 Brussels?

Contact EventsLisa, your quality partner to host your private and public parties in Belgium, northern France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Our team will answer all your questions as soon as possible and send you photos of the artists available as well as their all-inclusive rates.

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